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Office.com/setup has various online services covering like Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online, and many other Office Web Apps, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Outlook and OneNote.It was sure that scammers would begin using MS Office 365 as the platform for email scams, so here’s are the tips on how to evade any risky web links. The MS Office 365 Email Scams are related to the Scam emails that look like come from banks and other MNC or huge corporations. By such emails, they try to deceive you to click on a dangerous web link to affect your device or take your login information for placing a risky activity. The general recommendation is to not click any link in an email, rather visit directly the organization’s website.

MS Office 365 yearly rental system provides offenders a chance to cheat people with an email which warn the user that the subscription is about to expire. Fortunately, most of the scams are prevented by email hosts. But sometimes they are suspended before even being sent.

MS Office Renewal Warning

It’s easy to be fooled a user by Your Microsoft Office package is due for renewal warning because how many of us recognize when Office 365 is expired? Microsoft sends genuine emails as MS Office 365 going to expire. If you have auto-renewal settings, Microsoft seems to send an email warning as a reminder to modify or add the credit card details. So if you receive a ‘subscription ending’ email and you’re not certain if it’s genuine, do not click on any such links in the email.

Microsoft insists in displaying the expiry date with just digits, the expiry date in above screenshot is 9th of September in 2018. If your MS Office 365 subscription is expiring soon, there’s seemingly a warning notification on the dashboard of your account the web page. Microsoft urges users to automatically renew the subscription with a saved credit card.

MS Office Updated Version Available Warning

The periodically updates notifications are also a chance for scammers. Emails show you warning that there’s a software update with a link to receive the update. Again, we warn you that do not click on any of such web links in the email. MS Office updates are automatically done online. So you do not have to think about it. If you just want to confirm your software is up-to-date, then just follow some below steps.

In any MS Office file, open File >> Account >> Update Options >> Update Now. You can download or install updates if any are there.

If you are facing such any issues or scams, you can check it by yourself or you can take support from the MS Office support team at Office.com/setup. Just visit the web page or call them on their toll-free number. You can also send them an email or chat live online using chat box window.

Basic of Microsoft Office:

Microsoft office software is developed by Microsoft and is used in homes, offices or for business purpose. To know more about MS Office just visit to this site- www.office.com/setup. It includes MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Power Point etc. Every program has its own features. Word is used for text document, Excel is used for data storage and Power point is used to create presentations. Everybody whether he/she is a student, in a job profile or a businessman must have the basic knowledge of MS Office because this knowledge is necessary as you are using computers.

Difference between Office 365 and Office 2019:

Office 365 is a service that gives you the up to date productivity tools from Microsoft. These plans are used in homes, offices or business. Office 365 gives you the application programs like Word, Excel, and Power Point etc. Office 365 plans give you the latest features and security with ongoing technical support at free of cost. You can use this application on PC, laptop, phones, tablets etc. For the subscription, you can pay on the monthly or yearly basis. You can share this subscription plan for up to 6 people and can use these apps on multiple PC.Office 2019 plan is a one –time purchase and in this you will not get any features after you purchase it. But you will get security and quality updates. You should have Windows 10 version to run Office 2019. In this there are no upgrade options but if you want to upgrade the latest release you will have to purchase at full price. The features of 2019 plan are it gives advanced presentation features in Power Point, more powerful data analysis in Excel. They give the latest inking capabilities across amongst all apps. In Office 2019 you can manage your email more effectively and prominently.
Some features that are less used in MS Office – Paste, Recent, Autocorrect, Replace, Word style, Word Document Map, Power Point set as default, Outlook, Search folders, Excel tables etc.
Installation of Microsoft Office:

  • First Sign In to your MS Office Account.
  • Then locate your product key.
  • Then visit office.com/setup to install it.
  • Select Install Office.

For Office 365:

  • First sign in to your MS account
  • Then go to office home page
  • Then install Office Apps
  • Choose Office 365 apps to install file

For technical guidance and support just visit office.com/setup

  • Office.Com/Setup
  • Microsoft Office Setup
  • Www Office Com Setup

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