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MS office suite is the most useful robust and very effective software set with various applications like Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, Outlook and many others useful applications. Initially, Microsoft launched the MS Office suite with some applications but then many applications are added in the suite in various versions. Also, each MS Office suite version developed with many new features like security level, new diagram etc. Recently Microsoft launched MS Office 2019 with so many advanced features in each application, you can easily get it from office.com/myaccount. MS office 2016 and MS office 365 versions are used for business purposes. MS office suite is also available for Mobile with all the applications and they are free for all users. Either you want to use it for personal use or business (small or big) use, the MS Office suite is the best choice. You can download, install and setup MS Office suite from office.com/setup. You can also set up using a CD drive, here let’s discuss how to set up the MS office in your device. Installing MS Office in your device is the very simple procedure which needs some easy steps to go through carefully. Sometimes you need to replace the old MS Office suite version with the latest versions and you can do it using a CD drive or online downloading the MS office setup from office.com/setup. But before installing MS Office, ensure that all the system requirements are fulfilled. For ex, to install any normal versions of MS office suite, you require.
  • 500MHz processor minimum and if you require Outlook also then you need a processor of 1 GHz.
  • 256 MB or 512 MB or more RAM
  • A Hard Disk with minimum 3.5 GB storage space
  • A device of OS Mac, Windows, Android, iOS etc.
Now after checking the minimum requirements, go through some easy steps to install Microsoft office in your device. You can setup MS Office using one of the many methods to get and set up the Microsoft office like downloading it from www.office.com/myaccount. After getting the MS office setup from a CD drive or downloading it from office.com/setup, double-click on it and follow the instructions given on the web or get support from MS office support providers online. Then to activate it, you need a 25-character activation key which is printed on MS office setup CD drive cover or in the confirmation email and then clicks on continue. Accept the license terms and conditions and go to the next step by clicking on the next button. While the installation process, you will ask for the 2 options:
  • Install now or
  • Customize
If you want to install the MS Office setup in your default drive then click on install now button but if you want to install it in another drive then go for customizing option. After successful installation, you can use any MS office Application, from the start button, open Microsoft office and click on the application which you want to use. Sometimes users get errors or any other installation issues like system hanging, software crashing, application not responding etc. So if any users are getting such issues then they can contact online support providers who offer MS office installation or activation support. You can contact Microsoft support team to get MS office setup, download or to get the guideline or support from office.com/setup. You can contact them using the toll-free number or email id given on the official web and they try to fix your actual issues and offers the best solutions. Other best way to contact the support team is online chat window, say just hi there and you will get the instant support.